Start by the parking lot by the ski lift and follow the asphalt road to the left, turn into Sjøliveien after 1.4 km. 

Follow Sjøliveien for about 10 km, alongside Savalen lake. Flat terrain and dirt road. Sjøliveien will in the end of the lake turn into a new dirt road, Strømsåsen road and this you follow for about 6 km. Here it is a little downhill and you fall from about 701 m.a.s.l to 651 m.a.s.l. before entering a new dirt road towards Fåset.

This gravel road also has some lots of sand and can be somewhat soft and heavy to ride. After 5 km, take a carriageway down towards Fåset. After 1.2 km and a fall of about 90 altitude meters, one passes a farm. Here are 2 ports you can go through, after 1 km you arrive at Savalen road by Fåset. This is an asphalt road. 

Follow this on the left to Savalen in 3.5 km where you get 2 alternatives. 

1: Turn left and onto Old Fådalsvei in 4.1 km. This is less steep than the asphalt road with an increase of 167 meters, following the stream Fåa down in the valley and has less views. Old Fåsetvei is a paved road with gravel/ grass cover, which has 4-5 lots of 5-20 meters which can be a bit muddy. You pass the stream 3 times along the way. Good if you are used to more terrain. 

2: Follows the asphalt road straight ahead, where you get steeper climb right away but in return, better views and lighter surface to ride if you wish. 

When it remains 3.2 km, the two options come together, and you follow the asphalt trail back to start. 

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