Cyckle ride on the gravel road that follows the “Savalen-rundt” road for about 1 km before it turns left over “Tippen” which is a dam to Savalen lake and towards Savalberget and Hardnesvangen. After “Tippen” there is a small hill but then relatively flat further on the road along the sea. A few places along the road you can see the sea on the left side. After 6 km you pass Savalberget and have about 1.9 km to Hardnesvangen. 

Signs required
Start by “Kroa” 7.9 km
Cross Santa’s House 7.7km
Cross “Tippen” 6.9 km
Cross Savalberget 1.9 km

Distance 7,9 km | Low. height 725 moh | Max. height 799 moh | Height difference 95 meter

Total distanse: 8364 m

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