Start by the parking lot at the ski lift and follow “Savalen-Rundt” road. After about 10 km you get Kolbotn on your left where Arne and Hulda Garborg lived about 10 years from 1887. After about 12.6 km you reach Naustermoen and continue straight ahead through Strålsjøåsen. From the cross at Naustermoen it is 3.2 km past Strålsjøen before a 3.6 km downhill with a height difference of 146 m before turning left on RV29.

After 2.8 km on the asphalt road on RV 29 turn left and up Lomsjødals-road. Now you get a longer uphill 2.8 km with a height difference of 260 m and reach the highest point of the trop at the top of 834 m.a.s.l. 

From the top point to drive 3.6 km past Lake Lomsjøen and nice summer-farms where the last part is downhill until you reach “Savalen-rundt” road. 

From here it Is 16 km back to start and you keep left at the crossings in Sivildalen and Strømsåsan and follow the east side of Savalen lake back. The last 2.3 km follow the asphalt trails back to start. 

Distance: 43,8 km | Low. height 560 m.a.s.l. | Max. height 835 m.a.s.l. | Increase 614 meters | Fall 614 meters

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