Rødals-runden • 56,8 km

Start by the parking lot by the ski lift. Then 12.6 km along “Savalen-rundt” road before you pick up towards Garvikåsen and get 3.2 km uphill with a height difference of 180 meters. Then enter Rødalen and get nice little lakes on either side of the road and gradually follow the stream “Gløta” last part to Finnhaugen, an old farm.

At Finnhaugen there is a path up about 1 km. This is hard to ride. Here you pass the former Hamndals mine, which was part of the Bjørsjø-mine, which is about 1100-1200 m above sea level. The mines were driven by Røstvangen mines in the period 1913-1921. After about 1 km up turn right on a path partly road for about 7 km. This is most of the time on the high mountain before the last part goes down to Gløtlisetra. After passing Gløtlisetra, there will be a better road that continues for about 3 km before reaching the old laundry at Røstvangen Mining area. 

Røstvangen mines are located in the middle of Kvikne and Tynset in Østerdalen. The mining in Røstvangen started in 1904 and was run continuously until they went bankrupt in 1921. The ore taken out was copper- containing sulfur kettle. 

Røstvangen had laundry facilities, post office, bakery, assembly hall, houses, barracks, shops and something as unusual as a cinema. Between 1916 and 1919, the number of employers increased from 170 to 260, but in the period 1919-1921 the economic downturn came. In 1921 the workforce was 120. 

The company went bankrupt in 1921 and was one of the largest bankruptcies in Norway until that time. After the bankruptcy, all machines were removed. Many of the houses were demolished or blown apart, except for the largest buildings. All workers moved away from the place immediately. 

After Røstvangen, the trip continues, and you take a bridge towards Sparsjøvollen. It is 4.3 km from Røstvangen to Sparsjøvollen. You pass Sparsjøvollen and continue towards Savalen. Now it is 4.1 km more demanding path before you reach “Savalen-rundt” road and it is 2.8 km back to where you started. 

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