Start by the parking lot at the ski lift and follow the “Savalen-rundt” road. After about 10 km you get Kolbotn on your left where Arne and Hulda Garborg lived about 10 years from 1887. After about 12.6 km you reach Naustermoen and turn right up Garvikåsen and you get 3.2 km with a height difference of 180 m. From the top of the parking lot at Garvikåsen there is a nice view of whole Savalen and with Tronfjell in the background.

From the parking lot there are 5.2 km to the Rødalsveien barrier where you take a left about 50 meters before the barrier and cross a little stream before you get to a carriage road for about 3 km. The stream can be a bit difficult to ride over when the water level is high. 

After about 10 km from the stream you reach Strålsjøås-road and turn left towards Naustermoen. Here you are back on the “Savalen-rundt” road and follow this to the right. You keep left at the crossings that take of to Lomsjødalen, Sivildalen and Strømsåsen and follow the east side of Savalen back. The last 2.3 km follow the asphalt trail back to where you started. 

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