Start by the parking lot by the ski lift and follow the “Savalen-rundt” road for about 3 km before you take off on the path towards Sparsjøvollen which you follow for about 4 km. This path has some parts that are a bit more demanding. 

By Sparsjøvollen you take left and follow the dirt road for about 12 km before you turn right and in on a gravel road/path to Moanlangsetran and Tynset. After about 5 km you arrive at a new dirt road which you follow for about 8 km until you arrive at a football field and can see Tynset Church and centrum. By Vidsyn you take a right towards Fåset. 

After about 5 km on the dirt road towards Fåset, you arrive at an asphalt road towards Savalen. Here you take a right and can follow this road all the way back to Savalen for the last 12 km. An alternative is to follow the road Old Fådalsvei after about 4 km and follow this for about 4 km of the last 12 km. This road is not as steep as the asphalt road all the way. 

Distance 48,4 km | Low. height 499 moh | Max. height 650 moh | Increase 650 meter | Fall 650 meter

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