Vi krysser fingrene for alle og at vi sees snart igjen, når tiden er moden. Velkommen tilbake.

Det er inntil videre stengt på grunn av corona-viruset





Start at the parking lot by the ski-lift and walk around 100 meters towards the hotel and onto the road to “Fiskviksetra”. Follow this road for about 150 meters before you take the path to “Kletten”. The path leads up the alpine-hills and you follow this up to the last mast for the ski-lift and thereby further up a new trace which goes under the cliff. After a slightly steep increase you take of to a path on the left which you follow all the way to the top. From the top you have a fantastic view over Savalen. To the west towering “Rødalshøa” with its 1436 m.a.s.l. South-east you have “Trondfjell” with its 1666 m.a.s.l. and straight south you have the big “Sølnkletten” with 1827 m.a.s.l. aswell as the three tops tops in Rondane; “Høgronden”, “Midtronden” and “Digerronden”.

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Total distanse: 1342 m

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