Start at the parking lot by the ski-lift and walk on the main road towards the hotel. After 2-300 meters you take a right and walk up the road to “Fiskviksetra” which you follow 1.7 km all the way to the cabin which lies around 810 m.a.s.l.

Just ahead the cabin there is a path to the right you must follow in about 500 meters, some parts of this path are in a wet terrain before the path divides. To the left the path leads up around “Savalen Kletten” but we take a right up towards “Kletten”.

We do quickly get a lovely view, first to the east towards “Øykjeklett-tjønna” and behind that: “Midttjønna”. To the south/ south-west we have a nice view over Savalen and all the mountains in the background. We do see “Rødalshøa”, “Håmmårhøa”, “Fjellenghøa” and “Bangardsvola” to the west. To the south you see the 1827-meter-high, pyramid-formed big “Sølnkletten” (Alvdalssøln) and to the right for this you can see the north-east tops in Rondane; “Høgronden”, “Midtronden” and “Digerronden”. To south-east you see “Trondfjell” with its 1666 meters.

The terrain is varied and a little “trollish”. After 2.2 km from “Kletten rundt” we are on the highest point of “Kletten” furthest south. Here from it is 1.3 km down, first follow the path down the alpine hills before we follow the road the last meters back to start. 


Distance M: 5.5 km | Low. height 735 m.a.s.l. | Max. height 953 m.a.s.l. | Increase 272 meters | Fall 289 meters

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