A very family friendly facility that has 3 lifts and a children’s area/ play area with 2 new children’s ties.

There is a nice seating on the top of the children’s hill, where you have a very good view of the entire children’s area. At the ski rental you will find our new “BIG- LAVO”, with seating for about 180 people. An efficient heating system ensures a good temperature of over 20 degrees, even though it is 15-20 minus degrees Celsius outside.

The BIG- LAVO follows the opening hours of the resort, and serves coffee, mineral water and simple food in the middle of the day. See opening hours and our menu in the lavo.

Children’s tie 1: 60 meters long
Children’s tie 2: 80 meters long
Children’s lift: 85 meters
Small lift: 480 meters long
Big lift: 675 meters long, may depend on the snow

It is 7 different down-hills with the longest 1.1 km
Family friendly hills

We produce snow in these hills:
Small lift
Children’s lift
Children’s tie 1 and 2

Rental is possible for
Alpine skis for all sizes
Cross country equipment for all sizes

Opening hours

Click here for prices on lift card and rental


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