Cross country


Cross country

Ski resort, Savalen Ski-arena, with 4.9 km long slope and 20 blinks for biathlon. Asphalted trails for roller-skiing/ wheelchair. Different lengths in the competition set. Savalen ski-arena has been organizer of NM cross country part 2 and many major events for the younger department.

Cross country trails:

  Skiarena/lysløype  3,4 og 5 km
  Bjørkåsstua  5,6 km
  Kletten rundt  6,0 km
  Grasgodtvangen rundt  7,1 km
  Bratthørunden  9,4 km
  Rødalshøa  10,2 km – en vei
  Lomsjørunden  15,3 km
  Sparsjøvollen-rundt  19,3 km
  Stor-runden  28 km

Updated trail information
At you can follow the updates on the trails.
About 100 km with different and nice trails in woods, lake and mountain.

Trail-riding Savalen
The trails are prepped with a classic trail with room for skating on the other side of the trail. The trails are prepped at this time, as long as the weather is on our side:

  Wed    Fri  Sat/Sun
  Skiarena/lysløype  kl 1600  kl 1030  kl 0630
  Lomsjørunden  kl 1230  kl 0830
  Sparsjøvollen rundt  kl 1230  kl 0830
  Grasgodtvangen  kl 1600  kl 1330  kl 1200
  Bratthørunden  kl 0930
  Kletten rundt  kl 1000
  Bjørkåsstua  kl 1100
  Rødalshøa  – kun i påsken
  Fåset-Bjørkåstua  kl 1000 (lørd)
  Sparsjøvollen-Jervheim  kl 1000 (lørd)

If there’s not expected any wind or snow Friday to Saturday all trails are done by Fridays.

In Christmas, new year’s, winter holiday and Easter the trails are prepped every day.

  • If bad weather, we do priorities
    a. Asphalt trail
    b. Grasgodtvangen
  • When windy and snow which makes it hopeless to prep the trails, we will try to prep later.

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