Food and Beverage

Food & Beverage

Local food
Savalen Mountain-hotel & Spa is located in the middle of a bursting food table and of course we look towards the closest food producers when we set the menu. 

There is high quality at the local food producers in our region. We use cheese from Eggen gårdsysteri in Vingelen, we collect calves, lambs and reindeer from Røros and in Fåset we have Heidrun- where we among many things collect “Spekepølse”- a traditional Norwegian salt sausage.


The Østerdals-table
Naturally, our restaurant has its own à la carte- menu, as well as our various buffets where our Østerdals-table is central. 
The Østerdals-table consists of both hot and cold dishes and is characterized by all that is served from this region. Click on the image for big version/PDF

From our à la carte menu

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