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Savalen Mountain-hotel & Spa

– a compact destination with distinctive character

Savalen lake lies in scenic and idyllic surroundings, 707 m.a.s.l. in the north-eastern mountain region. Situated 190 km from Trondheim, 218 km from Hamar, 330 km from Oslo and 281 km from Molde, Savalen is centrally located and easily accessible from all directions. 

Since 1963 when Sindre and Grete Hektoen took over the Savalen Tourist Lodge, there has been a focus on developing the destination. Through the creation of versatile activities and opportunities for good experiences for the guests, it has gradually been expanded more and more housing alternatives. 

Various accommodation options
Today, Savalen offers approximately 700 beds in hotel rooms, suites, different types of apartments and cabins for rent. 

Common to all options is the versatile activity area right outside the living room window throughout the year. It provides various opportunities for recreation and outdoor training. Indoors you find spa and wellness. 

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