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Betting with new state-of-the-art bus- Savalen Bus has invested in new bus so passengers will get the best experience when using the Savalen Express. 

Savalen Bus now offers transport in a top modern turist-bus. The bus is a 48-seats Setra, registered the first time in December 2013.

The bus has extra good seat space, 3-point seat belts, passenger power outlets, coffee machine, refrigerator, 3 TV screens in the ceiling, panoramic camera and anything else for a modern tourist bus. 

The bus meets the latest and strictest requirements of safety and environmental requirements with regard to emissions (Euro 6).

Bus with driver can be hired for pure transport assignments, or in cooperation with the tour operator Hit & Dit. In cooperation, we can make a complete trip with programs, accommodation, dining and more at home- and abroad.

For more information and a good offer, contact:
Savalen booking, phone: +47 62 47 17 17, or direct contact with driver and leader of Savalen Bus, Mr. Vangen, phone: +47 922 12 035, or email:

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